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The Fellowship of Mysteries Cultural Historical Association was registered officially in 1993, but we started gathering regularly from the previous year in the Láng Community Centre (in Angyalföld, Budapest) where we held meditations weekly. After our initial efforts a better and better possibility is opened up for an ascension through the levels of charka energies. Firstly the structure of the universe, later the BEING itself - or, in other words - the dimensions of the Supreme Being is revealed for us. Through its levels, step by step we reached the inner circle of the BEING. Passing through this the dimensions of Buddha consciousness are opened up. Now we are working on to built a more and more effective intercourse and synergy with these levels. One of our mission is cleaning up the defending shield of the Earth, building up a more and more effective system of it, and - at last - to realize the idea of an active, all-embracing, centuries-last supreme defence for the material world as well for the whole planet, and to embody the ultimate supreme will for the Earth.
With these activities we start to clean up the era for the beginning of the Aquarius and the New Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and start to realize its ideas - on a way how is determined for us.

I am Tálas László, the leader of our Association. I was a disciple of a master for twenty five years. We chose the association form for our fellowship to exist as a legal entity as well. Now we are dealing with reviving and restarting ancient initiations according to the ideas and the advancement of the Aquarius Era.

We broadcast our meditations live via the Internet from our broadcasting server, during which we accomplish the tasks of the association with dimension shifts. Everybody is warned in advance that the dimensions of Buddha consciousness do not tolerate souls dealing with witchcraft and black magic. Severe retribution can be expected for those joining the meditations with prepense of malice.
However we know exactly that these badly backward spirits will disregard these cautions and thus lay themselves open to retributive powers destroying the energy passages of their astral body, but these cautions had to be addressed in advance for the advancement of their souls.
There is no protection against the powers of sealing up.
Any other information can be reached from the main page. Instructions for participating in the meditations broadcasted live can be found here.


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