Fellowship of Mysteries


This page contains information for those who would like to help our Association from the material side, too.
As our Association was formed to collect people involved into an organization, the Foundation for the Fellowship of Mysteries was started to donate the Association’s work, because it is a non-profit organization and its operational expenses are covered by donations and civil resources.

In Hungary every citizen have the right to return 1-1 percentage of the tax on their private income to a church and to a non-profit organization respectively by making a statement on the respective official form. The identifying numbers required on this form are as follows:
- for our Association: 18050842-1-41
- for our Foundation: 18050093-1-41

Those who would like to donate to our Association, they could transfer the desired amount to our Association’s bank account directly.
For transfers within Hungary the bank account number of our Association is 61200292-12040371-00000000 at the Polgári Bank.
For international transfers the data required are:
- the name of the abandonee: Miszteriumok Barati Tarsasaga K.1.
- the name of the bank: Polgari Bank Zrt.
- the SWIFT (BIC) code of the bank: POLBHU22
- the IBAN bank account number: HU9316120 0292 1204 0371 0000 0000

Updated on 16. 06. 2018.

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